March 12 - May 1st


Thursday, March 12, 7-10PM

Coinciding with the Downtown Art Walk

Featuring works by the Downtown Women's Center, ECF Art Centers, and the Association of Hysteric Curators.


The Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is pleased to present a multifaceted exhibition in honor of International Women’s Day focusing on the concept of Female Power and the future landscape of gender equality. Conceived and curated by the Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC), the project addresses POWER as it relates to women’s lives, weaving a multitude of voices into an ongoing conversation.

As part of this exhibition, artists from the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), who struggle with chronic unemployment and homelessness, and ECF Art Centers, who live with developmental disabilities, participated in a series of workshops given by AHC, birthing a new body of drawings, collages, journals, zines, and performances exploring female power in its many guises. These workshops and collaborative projects reflect how female power is perceived by each participant and how it manifests in their distinct experiences.

Supplemental content for this exhibition was sourced from existing mixed media pieces, paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, and performances by AHC members. Further programming will be announced through March and April, such as poetry readings, spoken word and live performances by participating artists.

Exhibiting Artists: (DWC) Monia Calhoun, Rachael Cowles, Gloria McKinney, E’vet Thompson, Pamela Walls; (ECF) Wilbert Brent, Sean Flores, Jose Hernandez, Paolo Miranda, Deveron Richard, Chris Romero, Juan Pierri, Victor Prieto, Jussi Wayne, Jose Zamora; (AHC) Virginia Arce, Malado Baldwin, Rachel Finkelstein, Nat George, Isabelle Lutterodt, Meg Madison, Mary Anna Pomonis, Cindy Rehm, Allison Stewart, Guita Tahmassebi, Eve Wood.

Details: Free to attend; light refreshments served; parking available at meters and pay lots (see posted signs for details). Please note that DAC Gallery does not validate parking.

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