May 9 - June 5

Opening Reception:

Thursday May 9 | 7-9PM

The DAC Gallery is proud to present a three person exhibition of works by David Jang, Olga Lah, and Diane Silver. Bound by themes of mortality, self-reflection, and environmental reorientation, each artist presents a unique catalyst to re-contextualizing our surroundings.

Each artist employs humble and innocuous materials in their works, objects commonly used and disposed in our daily lives. These objects are then arranged en-masse to subvert their own utilitarian purposes and transform the space they inhabit. Via the mass produced origins of their components, the works in this show impart a sense of time and speak to ideas of age and mortality. They offer viewers an opportunity to consider what our cultural values are, what our collective legacy may be, and draw us to rethink our relationship to “reality”.

David Jang, Olga Lah,

Diane Silver

No Frame