Exhibiting artists: Jesus Alejandro, Debra Alexander, Anna Ayeroff, Wilbert Brent, Laksmi Camp, Alexander Collins, Adam Frelin, Michele Jaquis, Maria Kim, Corinna Loo, Matthew Manos, Mabel Moore, Jarred Phillips, Mi Sung Yoon, Jose Zamora.

The DAC Gallery is pleased to present Translations for Co-conspirators, an exhibition investigating alternative narratives by way of collaboration and process. Using repurposed material donated by IRS Demo, the exhibition underscores the transformative potential of commonplace materials, and the unique language that develops between artists through collaborative practice.

For this exhibition, six Los Angeles-based artists (Anna Ayeroff, Mabel Moore, Alexander Collins, Michele Jaquis, Corinna Loo, and Matthew Manos) were invited to collaborate with uniquely-abled artists from ECF Art Centers’ Downtown Los Angeles studio. The exhibition will also feature a film by New York-based artist Adam Frelin. The film was made in collaboration with and narrarated by a uniquely-abled man who is obsessed with meteorology. In the film, he comments on storms as they develop in the region in the during the making of the film. Other works on display will feature collaborations between ECF and guest artists, which range from sound-based and experimental videos, to photographic and design-based works.

Translations for Co-conspirators seeks to position the readymade object as both a point of origin for a conversation regarding materiality, and as grounds for considering how culturally-laden objects also function as portals to an artist’s vision. Engaging both the manifest function and transformative potential of everyday materiality, the works in this exhibition are bridged by reinvention

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Translation for co-conspirators

November 12 - December 23

curated by Eugenia Barbuc