May 14 - July 1, 2015

Opening Reception

Thursday, June 11th, 7-9PM

The Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is pleased to present 4 Rights to Place, an exhibition featuring works by Wendell Frank, Shon Kim, Ty Pownall and Diane Silver.

Establishing a physical place for each aspect of our lives not only speaks of our search for conveniences, but also represents the stages in our search for an ideal. No home seems perfect, no work location seems perfect, yet we continue to fabricate the belief that we can find that one locale that fulfills all of our abstract expectations. This desire for “place” consumes us, and impacts many aspects of decision-making.

In this exhibition, works by Wendell Frank, Shon Kim, Ty Pownall, and Diane Silver are imbued with an unconscious directional force, expressing what each artist believes may be the perfect place, at a specific moment in time. Wendell's paintings reference clear markers we set for ourselves along life’s path; Kim’s movement-laden inks on paper point to the non-linear and organic variables in our personalities which prevent us from truly finding peace and fulfillment within a structure or system; Pownall’s constructs make us believe our place can be realized merely by considering the possibility of its existence; finally, Silver’s work reveals the conflict that arises when expectations and reality intersect, contributing to a sense of disconnect.

The curatorial vision does not partition the artists’ bodies of work within the exhibition space; rather, pieces are mixed and are juxtaposed to reveal direct links and correlations, forming a cohesive vision of the theme. 4 Rights to Place weaves the fabric of path and place, and strives to bring viewers to an understanding of their own journey, where their ideal blueprint of “place” can be realized.


•The exhibition will be open during the May Downtown Art Walk, Thursday May 14th, 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM. The official opening reception will take place on the June Art Walk, Thursday June 11th, 7-9 PM.

•Free to attend; light refreshments served

•Parking available at meters and pay lots (see posted signs for details). Please note that DAC Gallery does not validate parking.

4 Rights to Place, featuring

Wendell Frank, Shon Kim,

Ty Pownall and Diane Silver