Opening Reception: April 10

The Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is proud to present Transmissions, a group exhibition featuring sculptures and mixed media works on paper by fifteen local artists.

Curated by Virginia Arce and Nat George, the exhibition focuses on works produced by this group while sharing studio space, influencing and informing each other’s art practice as colleagues and mentors. Unconsciously, certain common traits started to emerge, such as strong subversive and outsider qualities. Gestural paintings mixing oil pastel and acrylic; sculptures made with wood and found objects, or ceramic and wire mimicking the look of hair; ink doodles on paper scraps; prints on top of leaf-like objects collaged on paper – all point to a rejection of tradition, while some celebrate an almost counterintuitive use of materials.

Transmissions speaks of the unconscious connections formed while working creatively in a shared environment: the free flow of ideas, the transmittable nature of creativity, and the intuitive language of art making.

Transmissions is the DAC Gallery’s first formal opening in its new space at 431 S. Broadway, in Downtown L.A.’s Gallery Row. The DAC participates in the Downtown Art Walk, on the second Thursday of every month.

Featured artists: Mildred Anderson, Eugenia Barbuc, Shaka Gaston, Bessie Kunath, Jameel Linzy, Adriane Mota, Juan Carlos Ornelas, Juan Pierri, Arturo Retana, Leonard Salazar, Michael Schaeffer, Harvey Schwartz, Thomas Sedgwick, Marvin Singer Jesse Warford.


Group Exhibition