Burnis Perkins

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Burnis Perkins joined the ECF Art Center Program (ACP) in 1976, well within the first decade of the program’s establishment. As such, his aesthetic and artistic practice are imbued with a kind of philosophy wherein art is not only a tool for self expression but also a means for introspection and meditation. Throughout the past four decades he has created an incredible volume of ink and marker based drawings of objects, animals, and people. Perkins’ drawings are all rendered in short vertical lines, placing the object squarely in the center of the composition. At a glance, his drawings may seem compulsive or unchanging in it’s execution and subject matter, but a more considered study of his body of work reveals a deeply analytical way of viewing everyday life and a fascination with the nuances of the world.


In the studio, Perkins is quiet and reserved but loves to listen to music, specifically to the The Mamas and the Papas and The Turtles. He loves to dance whenever an opportunity presents itself, and his favorite meal is broiled steak and potatoes.