Some ideas in this Cookbook project are: food can be an artistic medium; a cook can be an artist; eating the food is not the only option; every person has their own secret ingredient; some things get better with age and others are best fresh; knowing can come from making; there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen if you don’t stick to the recipe.  What’s necessary?  The recipes in the cookbook are recipes for food-art activities and so the products are not all edible, but they are all tasty.  Who’s here?  There’s a sweetness between exertion and letting go.  Most of all, maybe, it meant that we could enjoy food as a group of people in one place, which is a type of activity that has a lot of potential to be thoroughly joyful.  Find your breath; everything OK?  We usually practiced the art-food activities in the studio before the scheduled times for shared snacks and lunch. This meant that people were usually very hungry by the time the recipe was finished.  This cookbook was made as part of our collaborative residency at ECF’s Downtown Art Center in Los Angeles, California during the months of June, July, and August 2019 and is a document of the time we spent with the artists “cooking up a storm.”  When you’re ready, search for something to enjoy.

-Paul Whang and Clarrie Scholtz

Clarrie Scholtz and Paul Whang