[Video Description: You first see a shot looking down on a large pot on a stovetop that has a white interior and red exterior. Small clicks from the stove and other light ambient noises are heard throughout the video. In the pot, there are large pieces of white butter and white onion on the surface of a deep red tomato mixture. It looks like islands on a thick red ocean. The words "pasta sauce" are written out in white overtop of the shot of the pot. The shots continue to alternate between up close views and full views of the bubbles and pools of grease emerging from the sauce. The onions change to a yellow color and the butter disappears. The pot of sauce begins to emit slow, lazy bubbles and bursts of sauce. The sound of thick sauce bubbling is heard along with the clicks of the stove.] 

[Video description: The video begins with the words "PASTA SCULPTURES" appearing in black on a pale grey background. Birds and outdoor noises are heard and continue throughout the video. The video switches to a shot of a flat piece of wood with splotches of bright light on the lower half. Two hands appear from the top of the frame and sprinkle salt into a blue glass of water. The hands then hold a bowl of flour, which is dumped onto the wooden board in a pile in the center of the shot. A crater is made in the flour pile like a volcano and the hands pour the water into the flour. The hands mix and knead the flour and water together for many minutes and the mixture changes from being crumbly and sticky to being very smooth. Then, the hands begin to cut at the dough and make shapes like little ears, circles, stars, a face, a butterfly, and something’s that look like flowers. The areas of light have slowly moved across the board. Birds continue to make sounds.]  

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