Final_Good Day Sunshine Show Card.jpg

DAC Gallery and the ECF Art Centers are pleased to present Good Day Sunshine, a group exhibition inspired by botanicals featuring Sandy Chale, Ross Matthew Leibowitz, Diana Lopez, Leonard Salazar, and Olivia Ramirez. The exhibition can be viewed on the DAC Gallery website and will grow over the course of the exhibition. Additional artwork will be added weekly.


Sharing its name with the Good Day Sunshine Climbing Rose and the Beatles song, this exhibition focuses on the reciprocal relationships between human beings and nature. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of reciprocity is “shared, felt, or shown by both sides.” The botanical imagery at the core of this exhibition demonstrates nature’s ability to soothe, activate, and offer connection with place and time. In return, the artists of Good Day Sunshine demonstrate careful attention to their variations of natural forms by applying a subtle use of material and movement that creates lush appearing artworks. These works range from delicately rendered graphite drawings to colorful abstract paintings. 

Sandy Chale creates drawings depicting plants and flowers with chalk pastels. The paintings of Ross Matthew Leibowitz use acrylic paint on paper to present colorful organic forms that simultaneously appear to be taken apart and being put together. Diana Lopez presents a series of graphite on paper drawings featuring swans, wolves, cherubs, and tigers resting in idyllic landscapes. The drawings of Lenny Salazar are made with markers and pens on paper featuring floral shapes revolving in symmetrical patterns. Olivia Ramirez creates paintings on paper featuring vining plants extending out and upward throughout the composition.