The ECF Art Centers and DAC Gallery is pleased to present artists Mehdi Mohammadi, Burnis Perkins, and Diana Rodriguez in Apple Pie.  This exhibition highlights a selection of works on paper by each artist reflecting their compelling practices.  


The artists of Apple Pie share a distinct relationship to repetition, although their methodology and application are unmistakably individual. Mehdi Mohammadi, whose practice depicts an assortment of imagery, regularly integrates birds, flora and organic patterning to create porous watercolor works.  Burnis Perkins’s drawings look closely at objects and symbols, emphasizing the process of observation, in a maximalist way, creating colored pencil renderings that highlight the minutia of detail. Working in acrylic on paper, Diana Rodriguez’s paintings focus on colorful geometric shapes and planes that become layered with dots. 


Much like an apple pie, these artists utilize individual components to create delicate yet robust compositions, filling the frame with rich shapes, colors, and textures.  

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