The ECF Art Centers and DAC Gallery presents ART CREATIONS, an online solo exhibition of works on paper by Larry Pearsall. Over the years, Pearsall has developed a profound voice through the visual mediums of illustration and painting. Making use of the online presentation format, the exhibition shares a comprehensive overview of Pearsall’s body of work by emphasizing the breadth of his thematic and conceptual experimentation as well as his use of narrative devices. The artworks included in this exhibition offer a dual vantage to view and consider Pearsall’s trajectory as an artist. The online exhibition presents a timeline dating back to 2001 to the present day. Additional to the timeline is a ‘Selected Works’ tab. This imbedded selection gathers a larger and concentrated variety of paintings that capture the simultaneity in which Pearsall creates scenes. Presenting the works in this way disavows the idea of a linear narrative and emphasizes the sporadic whole that cannot escape the understanding of Pearsall’s work.
ART CREATIONS is a self-titled exhibition derived from the formally identified fictional space that Pearsall has developed, Apple Bay, a place that hosts interconnected stories reflecting and representing a range of ideas. The exhibition ART CREATIONS is an index of an explicit and complex narrative culled from one of Apple Bay’s featured character’s independent art business. Pearsall’s themes and social complexity likens to sitting between the vast imaginative comic world of Trenton Doyle Hancock and Eric Fischl’s expressive, subtle and graphic painting depictions of suburban life. Pearsall uses minimal devices of gesture and body language, emphasizes perspective, and flatness with stark color to enliven a place, filling it with activity, summoning representations of the familiar, common and unsettling.


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